An inside look into the polished concrete industry.

Polished concrete contractors have become more and more in-demand over the years as concrete itself becomes an even more popular flooring solution. A polished concrete contractor is responsible for ensuring that concrete floors are properly polished and finished, providing both that iconic glossy seal, and guaranteeing floor protection.

Flooring contractors are generally skilled in multiple different surface solutions. Because of polished concrete’s similarity to epoxy, they may also be trained to install epoxy coatings. Smart contractors often try to offer as many overlapping services as is reasonable (like polished concrete and epoxy), to cover every base!

Who Are We, What Do We Do?

An image showing polished concrete contractors preparing test panels.

It’s obviously not enough to just say that polished concrete contractors are flooring professionals. As we’ve just discussed, epoxy and polished concrete share a lot of similarities. So what makes a polished concrete professional different from other flooring contractors?

What’s the Difference Between Epoxy & Polished Concrete Floor Contractors?

Epoxy floor contractors primarily focus on applying epoxy coatings to concrete floors. Often more decorative, and made from different resources, epoxy floors are also a very popular flooring solution! Installing epoxy also requires some of the same skills that polished concrete does, so it’s common to find contractors that do both.

Polished concrete contractors, on the other hand, primarily focus on polishing concrete floors. This process can create a shiny, polished look that is both durable and easy to maintain. Using a strong concrete sealing solution to provide that glossy topcoat finish, contractors will upgrade worn down, or even fresh, concrete floors.

What Basic Skills Do Polished Concrete Contractors Have?

Installing polished concrete is all about nailing the fundamentals. The contractors that end up installing the best quality floors are often the ones who train and learn their essential skills and give attention to the small details. So what do you need to know to start today?

Well, first of all, one of the most important skills is the actual application of concrete sealer to concrete. While it can become an incredibly consistent process, it takes time to understand how the sealer interacts with the concrete. It’s equally as important to understand how to operate a concrete grinder efficiently, and safely. Then, there’s the business end of it as well, understanding your market, what you need to do to find and keep clients, and more.

Those are just some of the main skills you’ll need to become a polished concrete contractor. It may seem overwhelming, but if you really put the work in, and ask for help from professionals with years of experience, you can do it! Polished concrete contracting is an industry that can make you great money, and you’re often your own boss. That gives you a lot of flexibility, but also a lot of responsibility.

Why Should I Become a Polished Concrete Contractor?

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There are many reasons to become a polished concrete contractor. Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain and can provide a durable finish. In addition, polished concrete is becoming increasingly popular, so there is a growing demand for polished concrete contractors.

What are the Benefits of Entering the Concrete Flooring Industry?

There are many benefits to becoming a polished concrete contractor. Polished concrete contractors can earn a good income and may also enjoy flexible work hours. In addition, polished concrete is a durable and easy-to-maintain flooring option that is growing in popularity.

How Much Does a Polished Concrete Contractor Make?

Polished concrete contractors typically charge by the square foot. However, some polished concrete contractors may charge more or less depending on the size and complexity of the project. You can contact us at the bottom of the page if you need any pricing help for your services!

How Do I Become a Polished Concrete Contractor?

There is no formal education required to become a polished concrete contractor. However, most polished concrete contractors have at least a high school diploma. Many polished concrete contractors also receive on-the-job training. In addition, polished concrete contractors must be familiar with the proper use of polishing equipment and safety procedures.

Are you looking to upgrade your contracting business to the next level? Getting your polished concrete certification is an incredible way to boost your business! Our Polished Concrete University program offers you exactly that: experience, education, certification, and all the guidance you could need to build a successful polished concrete business!


Polished concrete is an ever-growing industry because of how reliable concrete is. Learning how to upgrade concrete floors both visually and practically by becoming a polished concrete professional is a great way to earn an income, have a flexible career and truly take control of your life!

Are you looking to become a polished concrete contractor? Call us at (954) 228-8856 and start building your career path for the future! We offer both professional kits and high quality beginner resources at our EpoxyETC store, all at competitive rates!

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