Keep your polished concrete floor sleek.

Polished concrete is the most durable flooring option you can have installed on the market today. By combining the strength and non-slip characteristics of concrete sealers and the durability of concrete, a polished concrete floor is guaranteed to last you for years. This doesn’t mean that these floors don’t need regular maintenance, even if it is drastically reduced from the alternatives. This article will help you care for your polished concrete floors to ensure they last a lifetime.

Tips to Make Your Polished Concrete Floor Last Longer

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1: Clean Your Floor Regularly

The most important part of maintaining polished concrete is keeping it clean. Dust and dirt can scratch the surface of the floor if it’s not cleaned regularly, and can otherwise pose health risks if left uncleaned for too long. Use a soft broom or rag to clean your floor, and make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

We recommend using the Xtreme Clean Concrete Cleaner to help thoroughly, and safely, rid your floors of unsightly stains and harmful bacteria.

2: Protect Your Floor From Damage

There are a few things you can do to protect your floor from damage. First, avoid dragging heavy objects across the surface of the floor when possible. Obviously, if your concrete is in a warehouse setting this is nearly impossible. Luckily, concrete is incredibly durable, so at most you will be introducing unsightly cracks, which are generally easy to patch and repair.

Second, use mats or rugs at entrances and exits to help prevent dirt and dust from getting on the floor. Try to minimize as much as possible any exposure to dust, sharp objects, moving furniture and other potential scratch and damage risks to the polished concrete surface.

3: Repair Damaged Areas Quickly

If you do happen to damage your floor, make sure to repair the damage as quickly as possible. Use a touch-up kit to repair small scratches and chips, or consult a professional if the damage is more extensive. By taking care of any damage right away, you can prevent it from spreading and causing further damage.

For any concrete contractors working on a repair job, or those looking for a DIY solution to their cracked concrete, there are a number of high quality resources on the market for patch and repair jobs. From EasyCove’s Joint Sealer, to our line of Urethane Fast Cure Crack Filler, or our Fast Cure Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair solution, and also the high-quality, strong Thixofix Concrete Repair solution.

All of these solutions tackle different issues in different ways, and with different chemicals. Make sure to explore your options and choose what’s best for your needs. Tackling cracks, faults and other visible damage when you see them is important in ensuring that the damage doesn’t expand.

Learn How to Install a Strong Polished Concrete Floor

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The best proven method of guaranteeing a long-lasting durable concrete floor is by making sure the initial installation is thorough. Any flooring contractor looking to upgrade their installations and give their clients better floors will profit from training and certification. With our 5 day Polished Concrete University program, you will learn all the fundamental skills you need to properly install quality polished concrete floors. In the course, we’ll cover:

  1. Installing, grinding & polishing concrete floors
  2. Patching & repairing faults in concrete floors
  3. Managing & marketing your concrete flooring business

Sign up today and help yourself rise to the top of this booming industry!


Polished concrete is a beautiful and durable flooring option for your home or business. To ensure that your floor lasts as long as possible, it’s important to perform some basic maintenance tasks. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to care for your polished concrete floor.

If you own a polished concrete floor or install them, you can contact our technicians at (954) 228-8856 for any help or questions you have. From installing, to maintaining, polished concrete floors, we will help you from start to finish. Our EpoxyETC store offers the resources you need to do it all at competitive prices, from grinder to sealer.

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