What does your concrete floor need?

When it comes to concrete floors, there are two ways to bring them back to life – refinishing and resurfacing. Deciding between a concrete resurface job, or a refinishing, is ultimately dependent on what you really need for your floors. But what’s the difference between the two? Whether you need to bring back its visual appeal, or you need to strengthen its resilience, this article will help you figure out what’s best for you.

Concrete is an incredible flooring solution for every purpose. From small residential garages, to large industrial warehouses, concrete’s strengths are too many to count. Concrete sealers and coatings often add an even higher level of productivity and efficiency to your concrete floors.

What is a Concrete Refinish?

Concrete refinishing is the process of restoring a worn or damaged concrete floor by grinding down the top layer to reveal a fresh, new surface. This process can be used to correct minor imperfections and wear patterns, as well as to change the color or sheen of the floor. Most often, a concrete refinishing would involve grinding the concrete’s surface, then applying a clear coat, or colored, sealer that would then be polished.

Types of Concrete Refinishing

Decorative Polished Concrete

If you’re looking for a concrete floor that’s both beautiful and durable, decorative polished concrete is a great option. This type of refinishing uses specialized equipment to grind the floor to a high sheen, revealing the natural beauty of the concrete beneath. There are plenty of visual upgrades you can install into the concrete, such as stains and dyes. Whatever you end up deciding on, you’ll have a glossy, sleek and strong new concrete floor.

Silver/Full Aggregate Finish

A silver or full aggregate finish uses a more intensive grinding process. You will often find this in high-traffic areas where durability is important. Full Aggregate Refinishing will leave you with a more matte gray finish.

Bronze Polished Concrete

Bronze polished concrete is a type of decorative refinishing that uses a diamond-pad grinding process to create a rich, bronze color in the concrete. This process can be used to add an elegant touch to any space. It will also improve the surface integrity of the concrete.

Platinum Polished Concrete Finish

The platinum polished concrete finish is the highest level of shine that is achieved with concrete refinishing. This finish involves a specialized diamond-polishing process that reveals the natural beauty of the concrete beneath. After that, the technician installs a sealer top coat that then is polished to its fullest.

Gold or Salt and Pepper Polished Concrete

Gold polished concrete utilizes a grind & polish process. This means that you’ll be left with a glossy, unique concrete floor. This finish is often used in high-end spaces where a luxurious look is desired.

An image showing a concrete resurface job taking place.

What is a Concrete Resurface?

Concrete resurfacing is similar to refinishing, but instead of grinding down the top layer, the installers apply a new coating system. This process repairs more significant damage, such as cracks or holes, and also allows you to change the color or texture of the floor.

Getting a professional concrete resurface job often involves installing epoxy. That means that you won’t only be practically upgrading your concrete, but visually, too. Epoxy coatings come with a wide range of customization options for you. So, there are a lot of options when deciding what materials and designs to install.

Choose between quick-drying polyaspartic resins, or strong and durable polyurea, or a urethane resin. Additionally, there’s also different coating systems that help to bring out the maximum productivity in your floors. Install vinyl flakes for garages, or broadcast silica sand to increase traction!

Why Should I Resurface Concrete?

Concrete resurfacing is often much more intensive than a simple refinishing. Give your floors a new life with resurfacing. The process involves cleaning, grinding, and installing a full-strength, new flooring system

Homeowners, or business owners, give their floors new lives with a concrete resurfacing. Install some truly unique design, or go for a simple bright solid color! And make your floors ready to last for years to come, as an added bonus.

Concrete Resurface, or Refinish?

The best way to determine which method is right for your concrete floor is to consult with a professional contractor. They will be able to assess the condition of your floor and recommend the best course of action. Giving your floors a beautiful, new life means finding the right contractor to trust.

If you’re looking to simply improve the appearance of your concrete floor, refinishing may be the way to go. It’s often a simpler installation, less intensive process. However, if you’re dealing with more significant damage, resurfacing may be necessary. For business and homeowners wanting that iconic epoxy finish, getting a concrete resurface job is your path.

Whether its resurfacing concrete patios and pool decks, to refinishing an older warehouse floor, there are options for you. Either way, a professional contractor will be able to help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Learn How To Work With Concrete

An image showing a flooring contractor learning essential concrete skills.

While the differences between your two options may not seem like much, they both involve vastly different installation processes. Contractors finding their footing in this industry will need hands-on experience to truly perfect their craft, whether that’s resurfacing, or refinishing. Because of that, every contractor needs every advantage that comes. Stack the deck in your favor with our Polished Concrete University! Get hands-on experience working with concrete, learning from skilled professionals, during our 5 day program! Here’s what we’ll cover in our training warehouse:

  1. How to grind concrete
  2. Installing a concrete sealing system & polishing concrete
  3. How to patch & repair different levels of concrete damage

So sign up and help your future today!


So, for any renovators, your options are limitless. Concrete is an incredibly durable, incredibly versatile flooring solution. And refinishing, resurfacing services only prove that point even more! Don’t let your concrete just wear down until its unusable; give it a fresh start! Whether you want a matte finish, or a glossy polish, or even the iconic streaky, colorful finish of metallic epoxy, it’s all there for you!

If you have more questions on whether you need a concrete resurface, or a concrete refinish, call our specialists at (954) 228-8856. For any contractors looking to fill out their work kit, we carry high quality products at our EpoxyETC store, for reasonable prices.

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