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Buying concrete polishing equipment packages for your business is not an easy decision. There are so many different items to consider! Maybe you’ve read our Concrete Grinder Buying Guide 2022 and know what different types of concrete grinders you need, but not what specific equipment to buy. From the polishing materials to the grinding tools, there are important purchasing decisions to make when building your business’ toolkit.

If you’re a small business in the flooring industry or a professional looking to buy the best grinding equipment, our line of Flooring Equipment Packages has you covered. This guide will help you give your clients the best polished concrete floors money can buy, using the best grinders on the market. Help yourself grow your business affordably and by investing smart with these packages.

Understanding Your Concrete Grinding & Polishing Needs

Before jumping into the concrete polishing equipment packages and what they include, you should understand what your business needs. Answer these questions to get a better idea of what tool package is best for you:

  • How large of a space are you working in? Is it industrial or residential?
  • Are you preparing the floor for epoxy installation, or are you polishing and grinding concrete?
  • What is your business’ budget?
  • What other flooring materials do you need? (e.g, epoxy, application tools, polishing equipment)
  • What is the concrete surface profile of the floor that you’re working on?
  • What is the power & wattage available on the job site?

Investing in the best concrete equipment for your flooring or concrete business saves you and your business money. Knowing how to properly use that equipment will guarantee quality surface finishing.

Our Concrete Polishing Equipment Packages

Edge Grinding

Concrete Edging Prep & Polishing Equipment Package | $1,704.60

This package contains a Rac-a-Tac kneeling stand, 5 inch Makita Angle Grinder and fitting dustless vacuum. The perfect set for any contractor who needs to work in smaller spaces that larger machines cannot reach! This is an essential tool if you’re buying another kit because of its specialized use – also includes necessary polishing equipment.

Pros: Perfect for smaller spaces on a job & edge grinding, includes OSHA certified vacuum and top of the line edge grinding tool.

Cons: Inefficient for medium-to-large jobs.

Dewalt 7-inch Angle Grinder Package | $1,201.00

The Dewalt 7-inch Angle Grinder has a powerful 12 Amp motor and ball bearings to deliver desired finished results. Variable speed trigger allows user control from 0 – maximum setting, with no loss in performance! The package comes complete including polishing materials scaled for your specific application needs so you can get started right away on any project big or small.

Pros: More efficient, and sleeker, grinding for your polishing needs. More control than the Makita Grinder, and comes with polishing equipment fit to scale.

Cons: Not for use beyond edge grinding and minor polishing

Equipment Packages for Small to Medium Jobs

Concrete Genie Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Starter Concrete Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $12,680.00

The Concrete Genie is a powerful and versatile floor grinding & polishing machine that can be used to grind, level and polish concrete. Efficient and great for your small-medium sized job needs, especially for garages, driveways and other residential sites. Single phase motor fits into washer/dryer outlets (220V)

Pros: Capable of grinding, polishing and edging. Very efficient for your smaller job needs (under 2000 sq. ft.), such as garages, but able to work for industrial and commercial contracts as well. Best beginner kit for flooring contractors adding polishing to their services.

Cons: Lower production rate (200 sq. ft. per hour) than the 550, not as suitable for spaces over 2,000 sq. ft.

Genie 550 Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Genie 550 Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $13,550.00

This package includes everything you’ll ever need to give your floors that perfect shine! Comes with necessary grinding metals and OSHA certified vacuum, as well our polishing equipment. Single phase motor fits into washer/dryer outlets (220V).

Pros: Like all of our machines, the 550 is capable of polishing, grinding and edging. Because of its higher weight, its production rate and efficiency is higher, and produces a sharper surface finish. Comes with useful on-the-job accessories, such as LED lights and USB ports.

Cons: Costs more than the Concrete Genie package, less mobile due to its weight. Not suitable for jobs over 2,000 sq. ft.

Peanut Mammoth Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Peanut Mammoth Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $20,150.00

The Peanut Mammoth is the perfect solution for those who need to work on medium-sized concrete surfaces. This lightweight and reliable machine features double gear-driven design, which makes it smaller than our other planetary models while still being able grind up materials with ease! The 5000 sq ft limit is perfect for residential, commercial and industrial job sites. Like all of our packages, it also includes OSHA-certified dust vacuum scaled for this machine’s dust production.

Pros: Great for medium sized jobs, fits into dryer/washer outlets (220V). Planetary model provides an efficient concrete grind & polish. Any business seeking to start grinding and polishing commercial or industrial job sites should consider this option.

Cons: Not large enough for more exhaustive industrial jobs, and may be inefficient for smaller applications compared to the Concrete Genie & the Genie 550 model.

Equipment Packages for Large Jobs

Baby Mammoth (3H) Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Baby Mammoth (3H) Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $25,975.00

This machine is the perfect choice for flooring workers who need to polish medium-sized spaces. With an efficient production rate and OSHA certified vacuum, this package will be your go-to when polishing large areas with around 6000 sq ft! Fits into dryer/washer outlets (220V) making it an easy and adaptable package for your contract needs.

Pros: Our three head model of the Baby Mammoth machine is efficient and stable due to its counter-rotating head design. Creates a sleek surface grind for your polishing needs due to its higher RPM. True planetary model means that you get a unique scratch pattern, with nine efficient diamond heads.

Cons: If you’re only working on smaller job sites, this machine might be less ideal than a Genie model. Also less mobile due to weight increase than the Genie models.

Baby Mammoth (4H) Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Baby Mammoth (4H) Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $28,250.00

The Baby Mammoth is a high-powered floor polisher perfect for any job. It’s the most versatile machine in our line, with four heads that allow you to customize your scratches and patterns on floors of all sizes! This package, like all our others, comes equipped with an OSHA certified vacuum fit for its dust production, as well as some grinding metals – allowing for on-site customization of scratch and polishing patterns. Fits dryer/washer outlets. (220V)

Pros: Like our three head model, it’s efficient stable during operation due to weight and counter-rotating grinding heads. It’s high RPM allows for more work to be completed in less time, with a great quality finish. Counter-rotating planetary model inherently creates its own scratch pattern, fitted with changeable 12 diamond heads for even more customization.

Cons: Might be overkill for contractors who only do garage or driveway work. Weight increase means less mobility, most likely necessitating more than one operator on site to safely move it.

Mammoth 800 Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Mammoth Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $39,380.00

Our top of the line, innovative Mammoth Concrete Grinder is a jack-of-all-trades machine for larger spaces, and it’s a master of all of them. From polishing, to leveling, to edging and any other general grinding work, the Mammoth Grinder and the kit that comes with it are perfect for your growing flooring business. Also includes OSHA certified vacuum and grinding metals. This is an essential package for professional flooring contractors looking to expand their business to industrial and large commercial jobs.

Pros: Highly stable; 1,200 RPM, weight, counter-rotating head design. Incredibly efficient for your needs. Best in the market for industrial and larger construction because of it’s high production rate (1000-3000+ sq. ft. per hour), which makes it able to perform more exhaustive jobs quickly.

Cons: Ideal for larger spaces due to its specialization and weight. Its’ incredibly efficient production rate means that it requires more power, working on a three phase action system, (480V). Incompatible with most residential jobs without additional generator.

Using Your New Concrete Polishing Equipment Package

At Xtreme Polishing Systems, we offer a 5 day course with experienced concrete professionals to help guide your business. Whether you’re looking to work with installing epoxy or with polished concrete, these classes are perfect for any flooring business.

In these classes, you’ll learn:

  • Marketing for your business
  • How to polish concrete
  • Repair concrete surfaces,

And many other flooring business skills from our trusted specialists. You will also learn how to use the grinding machines included in these concrete polishing equipment packages in class.

For businesses installing polished concrete into large industrial spaces, warehouses or department store floors, surface preparation is priority number one. Incorrect surface preparation leads to failures during any flooring installation. This costs your business time and money in repairs and re-installation of a clients’ floor down the road.


Any concrete business owners’ top priority is owning a professional’s toolkit. That toolkit should have the best flooring materials, the best concrete grinders, and the best concrete tools on the market. With our selection of concrete polishing equipment packages, we will help you build your own professional’s toolkit.

If there are any additional questions, contact our trusted specialists at (954)-228-8856. With our financing options whether you buy new or used concrete grinding equipment, we guarantee you’re investing smart money into your business.

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