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The benefits of polished concrete can help upgrade any space!

5 Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Strong, Elegant Solutions Polished concrete is a wonderfully simple flooring solution, and its growi…

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An image showing a polished concrete warehouse flooring installation.

Polished Concrete’s Many Benefits for Warehouse Flooring

Industrial warehouse flooring needs to be built to last. With polished concrete, you get that streng…

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An image showing a metallic epoxy floor resin installed on a garage floor.

Resin Concrete Sealer: Acrylic, Polyaspartic or Epoxy?

A resin concrete sealer will upgrade your floors for the long term. This article will help you make …

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An image showing an acid-stained polished concrete floor.

Acid Stain Concrete: Visually Upgrade Your Concrete Floors

Acid staining concrete is an incredible way to give your concrete floors a new life. Let your floors…

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An image showing a polished concrete contractor on the job.

What Does A Polished Concrete Contractor Do?

A polished concrete contractor often works for flexible hours, with reliable work. Learn about the p…

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An image showing a resurfaced concrete floor with an epoxy floor design.

Concrete Resurface vs. Refinish: What’s the Difference?

Does your concrete floor need to be resurfaced, or refinished? Learn what the difference is with the…

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An image showing a concrete slab.

Understanding Concrete Surface Profiles

Understanding concrete surface profiles helps you better repair concrete, install better epoxy and m…

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An image showing a polished concrete floor treated with a concrete stain design.

Concrete Stains: Making Concrete Colorful

Concrete is known for its iconic gray surface finish, but with stains, dyes and more, you can add a …

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A flooring contractor learns how to use a concrete grinder from a professional.

Why Flooring Contractors Need Concrete Classes

By taking concrete classes and learning everything you need to know to get into flooring, you can ki…

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An image showing a sleek polished concrete floor with yellow stripes on it.

How to Maintain A Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete floors are long lasting and sleek. Read this article to learn easy maintenance rou…

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An image showing a Concrete Genie grinder on a grinded floor.

Choosing a Concrete Grinder: Planetary or Rotary?

When buying a concrete grinder, you have planetary and rotary designs to choose from. Find out which…

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A concrete grinder sitting on top of a grinded concrete floor.

Concrete Dust Collection & Prevention

The dust generated by concrete grinding can be hazardous. Read this article to understand how to han…

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An image showing a clean, polished concrete floor.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete

Don't let your concrete stay stained, learn how to remove oil stains from concrete with this article…

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An operator following proper safety procedures on site.

Is Your Concrete Sealer Killing You?

There's plenty of hazards to deal with on a flooring job site. Help us help your operators with prop…

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Concrete Genie concrete grinder.

Concrete Polishing Equipment Packages for Your Business

Our line of concrete polishing equipment packages helps you build a professional kit, but which of o…

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An image showing a technician checking the level of the concrete floor.

Concrete Leveling: Why and How You Do It

Learn essential steps in leveling concrete for your flooring business. From uneven ground to install…

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